Medical Coaching
I love people. I’m a qualified, dedicated and passionate Life-coach specialising in Medical Coaching. Having been through breast cancer 8 years ago I know what its like to be on the other side of health. I help clients get “back home” to their authentic selves, create wellbeing as a way of life.
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Executive Coaching
Working in the corporate arena can involve long hours, high stress and competition. If you are in a company that doesn’t celebrate diversity then that makes the job just that much harder. Read More.


Talented Athlete Lifestyle Support
Whatever your level I can support your next step by covering career management, support networks, anti-doping and lifestyle management to ensure that your Interference is removed and your Potential and in turn your Performance maximised. Read More.

Emerge Life Coaching is Melbourne based health services practice. Our team are 100% focused on Transforming your health, life and performance through stellar coaching.

“I help people to become their own alchemists of health, find hidden strengths
and boost their own expectations. “

Natasha Hita – Emerge Coaching