Working in the corporate arena can involve long hours, high stress and competition.
If you are in a company that doesn’t celebrate diversity then that makes the job just that much harder.

I’ve worked for some of the top global companies in the world, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and Barclays as well as the BBC so I have been in this world and experienced the issues you face. I help individuals through a coaching process to remove the interference and increase potential and limitless Performance.

You are in the right place if you are

  • Wanting to change careers or do something different but have no idea what that would be or how to do it
  • Fearing the future due to being re-structured and either need to reapply for your role or being made redundant
  • A Working mother wanting to avoid the overwhelm of trying to balance work/life whilst still going for promotion
  • A manager who is struggling with difficult conversations and delivering difficult messages to colleagues or direct reports
  • A dedicated leader who wants to have impact and gravitas and have people follow their vision rather than imposing it
  • A passionate leader who wants to stand out from the crowd, know what their personal brand is and have strategies for social media and use it to their advantage
  • Stressed out overachiever with your professional life and want to press pause and work out your ‘why’ as you still aren’t happy with your “success”
  • New to a company and want to establish your reputation as the “Go to” person in your team

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