I love people.
I’m a qualified, dedicated and passionate Life-coach specialising in Medical Coaching.

Having been through breast cancer 8 years ago I know what its like to be on the other side of health. I help clients get “back home” to their authentic selves, create wellbeing as a way of life.

Medical coaching which originated from Israel 25 years ago, has recently come to the UK and Australia and is a unique coaching model providing mental and emotional support for people and their families who are coping with the challenges of a medical crisis. Its complimentary to any treatment you are receiving.

For people who want to have a long, healthy life and make real change to their lives TODAY. Medical coaching will help you on 5 levels; body, emotions, mind, spirit and environment. You will be able to show up and be accountable for your wellbeing including ceasing negative behaviour, speak with your medical team to be heard and have emotional balance and control over your experience.

It supports the following:

  • Chronically ill people with cancer, diabetes or chronic pain by receiving coaching on all aspects of your lives not just the symptoms or “wounded” organ and establishing communication skills for use with the medical team
  • Family members and caretakers of chronically ill people by receiving emotional support throughout the process
  • People facing invasive medical procedures like surgery, catheterisations or dialysis by clearing anxiety, phobias or panic attacks related to or triggered by the medical crisis
  • Army Veterans and car accident survivors by clearing trauma related to or triggered by the medical crisis
  • People experiencing “burn out” at work by learning and understanding stress and conflicts with techniques to support self relaxation

To talk about medical coaching today and how I may help please call +61 4 115 22218 or email me