Talented Athletes are motivated, talented and busy!
Tim Galwey one of the founding fathers of coaching (who was a Tennis coach) said it best… Performance = Potential – Interference

Whatever your level I can support your next step by covering career management, support networks, anti-doping and lifestyle management to ensure that your Interference is removed and your Potential and in turn your Performance maximised.

You are in the right place if you are

  • A rising star wanting to get to the top of your field and still living at home and wanting to make sure your education and your sport are top priorities.
  • A professional athlete who needs support to make sure their lives are running smoothly outside of the sport and you have a plan B in the making.
  • An accomplished athlete that has had a great career, is looking to do other challenges have a family, start a new career or utilise their brand to create opportunities in their industry for motivational speaking, writing a book or appearances.
  • An injured athlete that is frustrated and looking at Plan B or looking to get back to top form and needs to deal with the anxiety, worry or depression that an injury can cause

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